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Unique Things to do in Thailand


Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Ayuthaya, Kanchanaburi – there are so many places to see and things to do in Thailand.

That’s right, Thailand has it all – beautiful beaches, stunning waterfalls, gorgeous National parks, and anything you could ever want in a tourism destination.

But let’s be honest, there are many other places around the world that offer the same things.

So why select Thailand? Because there are a few things you can do in Thailand that would be hard to find anywhere else.

Unique things to do in Thailand 1) Sleeping on a River Bed

Should you choose to forgo your regular hotel accommodations, you can set up shop on the river. This extremely unique accommodation is offered by the Bangkok Treehouse company and is known as the “River Nest” accommodations. It is advertised as being highly spacious and with a “high probability” of getting wet!

2) Spend the night in a float home

If you’d like to spend the night on the river( but not in it !), Thailand offers a variety of float house accommodations. Most of these homes are found in Kanchaniburi’s wilderness and require a boat or bamboo raft to reach.

3) Bathe with elephants

If you want to add a little wildlife to your Thailand trip, you can book an experience at one of Thailands elephant sanctuaries. While many of Thailands animal experiences come along with a bad reputation, elephant sanctuaries are dedicated to the humane treatment of retired elephants. And in these sanctuaries, the elephants don’t work for you – you work for them! Here you can work closely in line with elephants to help prepare their meals, feed them, and even give them a dirt bath!

4) Explore ancient temples and ruinings

Thailand is full of beautiful temples and ruins where you can go to learn about religion, culture, and history. And if this sounds of interest to you, you can’t pass up visiting one of Thailands most ancient cities – Ayutthaya. With a history dating back to 1350, Ayutthaya is a city full of ancient ruins and historical memories. Because of its popularity, many Thailand packages offer day tours to the ruins of this beautiful ancient city – and its not to be missed!

5) Have breakfast – with an orangutan

This once in a lifetime experience is offered by the Khao Kheow forest and wildlife park. The jungle will come alive as you join Suriya for his first snack of the working day. Watch as he showcases and proves off his amazing aerial feats, and then enjoy your experience as he comes down and greets you for breakfast.

P.S. do you think you are stronger than an orangutan? Put your muscles to the test in an arm war – it’s man against monkey!

Of course, the listing of astounding and unique things to do in Thailand goes on and on: Spend a morning with monks, go bamboo rafting, visit a 3D art museum, explore a beach full of monkeys, gratify the Karen people, shop at a floating market, and even learn about strange coffin sleep rituals!

One things for sure, when visiting this amazing place you will never run out of unique and exciting things to add to your Thailand traveling itinerary.

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