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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – release date, trailers and news


Hold on to your lightsabers: there& apos; s a new Star Wars game in development, and it& apos; s called Jedi: Fallen Order.

The reveal came in a surprisingly low-key fashion during EA& apos; s seminar at E3 2018, during an off-the-cuff interview with Vince Zambella, co-founder of Respawn Entertainment( of Titanfall fame ).

EA said it& apos; built blunders& apos; with Star Wars Battlefront 2

And we& apos; ve now been treated to a teaser trailer, which you can see below. This isn& apos; t actual gameplay, but it gives you a flavor of the narrative. Players take on the role of Jedi-in-hiding Cal Kestis, EA and Respawn Entertainment revealed at the Star Wars Celebration event in Chicago.

While fans of the galactic franchise have watched official tie-ins in the form of Star Wars Battlefront I and II, the new entry takes on a different tack, focusing on a single-player experience more in line with 2008& apos; s The Force Unleashed- and we have all the concrete news and wild speculation you were able to want below.

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