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Star Wars: Threads of Destiny – Final Trailer (2014)


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Threads of Destiny is a fan-made feature film created by fans of George Lucas's Star Wars saga. The film takes place 94 years after Return of the Jedi and explores new adventures in a familiar galaxy. The director, actors, and the rest of the shooting team all live in Sweden, so the whole film was filmed in Stockholm– but all in English dialogue.

The special effects were done by a scattered group of artists around the world, working on different platforms and pieced together in post-production. Together with the director Rasmus Tirzitis, this project has gathered a technical staff composed by people with both passion and a high-quality level of filmmaking.

It was produced by Tirzitis Entertainment, Branbomm Film and Eclipse FX.

Trailer music by: Simon K├Âlle ( w w w . simonkolle . c o m )

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