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The 11 Biggest Celebrity Scandals Of 2016


We havent loved a lot of the shit thats gone down in 2016, but there are always some moments that rise to the top. After all weve been through this year, these are the moments that stick out for how entertaining, hilarious, or downright sad they were. It hasnt been a great year, but its definitely been eventful.

1. Melania-gate:

This summer, in the middle of nonstop election coverage that was usually dumb AF, Melania Trump gave us something to laugh about when she plagiarized Michelle Obama in her convention speech. It was one of those magical moments that like shouldnt be real, but its 2016 so fuck it. The memes were A+, and thats really all that matters.

2. Jelena is Dead:

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been over for a long time, but are they ever really over? In August, after Justin said on instagram that his followers were bullying his new girlfriend, Selena commented something petty about not being able to handle the hate. Justin deleted his account and Selena Snapchatted an apology. Super adult.

3. Taylor the Snake:

When Kim K posted the videos of Taylor Swift approving Kanyes lyrics this summer, it literally took us days to pick our jaws up off the floor. It was a master class in slaying a basic bitch, and Taylor still hasnt recovered from having her wig publicly ripped off her fucking head. Say what you want about Kim and Kanye, but this was pretty god damn beautiful.

4. Taylor the Ex:

Taylor sucked this year, including when she and Calvin Harris broke up. There was a bunch of drama because she apparently wrote This is What You Came For, a song with like ten words so congrats to whatever genius wrote it. The best moment was definitely when Calvin said Taylor was trying to bury him like Katy. Great work, Calvin, keep it up.

5. Shailene Woodley at Standing Rock:

Normally Shailene Woodley annoys the shit out of us, but when she got arrested for protesting the Dakota Pipeline this fall, we were cool with it. Were too busy to go out to North Dakota or wherever for two weeks, but it was a good cause. Now just keep your mouth shut about feminism, Shailene.

6. Johnny Depp, Wifebeater:

Shit got real when Amber Heard accused her husband Johnny Depp of abusing her. The case is still going on so no one knows what happened for sure, but we probably wont run out to see the next movie. It doesnt even have Keira Knightley, whats the fucking point.

7. A Kimye in Autumn:

The last three months of 2016 have not been kind to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. It all started with the Paris robbery at the beginning of October, and shit got worse last month when Kanye was hospitalized for psychiatric issues. Then he met with Trump, and now we dont know whats happening in the world. Lets hope 2017 is the year of Kim posting on instagram again, and of Kanye keeping his damn mouth shut.

8. Grab Her By the POTUS:

In what was the thousandth moment that shouldve cost Trump the election, we got to watch a super cringey video of him and Billy Bush talk about grabbing women by their genitals without their consent. We didnt like Trump before, but now we can actually be sort of scared of our new President as a person. Woohoo, should be an awesome four years.

9. Brangelina: The End of an Era:

After being the perfect celebrity power couple for the last decade, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolies relationship came crashing down this year, and the nasty custody battle is still going on. Its unclear exactly where things went wrong, or where the six kids will end up, but one thing we do know is that people still wont leave Jennifer Aniston alone. Guys, shes over it.

10. Rob & Chyna:

Our main prediction for 2017 is that these two will have restraining orders against each other. After getting together, getting pregnant, and getting a TV show, they broke up at least two different times, and each was marked by incredibly shady social media posts. Theyre supposedly back together right now, but that could literally change any minute. Stay tuned, theres a 0% chance this will go well.

11. Lena Dunham vs. Her Own Mouth:

We love and all, but Lena Dunham seriously needs to learn when to not. After coming for Odell Beckham Jr. (we think hes a football player?) earlier this year, she was again in hot water again last week for saying that she wishes shed had an abortion. Just shut up, itll be better for everyone.

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