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Ellen Page Challenges Republican Politician at Iowa State Fair

Ellen Page challenges Republican politician at Iowa State Fair

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The celebrity who had been hardly identifiable in a cap and shades, Ellen Site, faced Jones as he was revealing his barbecue abilities included in an unauthorized item on her worldwide Vice television show Gaycation With Site.

Enjoying writer, Site requested Jones for his viewpoint about the problem of lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals discovering themselves jobless after ‘coming out’, compelling the politician to to response, “Well, what we’re viewing at this time, we’re viewing Bible-thinking Christians being persecuted for dwelling based on their faith.”

The experience transformed uncomfortable when Site subsequently charged of “discriminating against Jones.

The Republican experimented with maintain the conflict municipal by declaring, “Now I’m pleased to reply your query, although not to truly have an again-and-forth debate…;”, incorporating, “No you have the best to drive another person to depart their religion and their conscience…; Envision, hypothetically, you’d a homosexual florist and imagine two evangelicals desired to get committed and they choose, ‘You understand what, I argue with your religion and I don’t wish to supply flowers’.”

An ABC Media team subsequently questioned Jones, who revealed he didn’t understand the writer who’d been providing this type of difficult period to him was the celebrity.