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Dog Travels 240 Miles to Be With Former Owners

Source: Mashable/BBC

Source: Mashable/BBC

When Pero the sheepdog was sent to Cockermouth, England to work on a friend’s farm, no one imagined he would disappear soon after, but on April 8, he did.

“We’d been told that Pero had disappeared, and was nowhere to be seen,” Shan James, who donated the dog, told the BBC.

James said that the farmer was looking for a dog who could herd sheep and follow a vehicle, and she thought Pero would be perfect. Apparently, though, Pero didn’t think so.

On April 20, he showed up back on James’ front porch near Aberystwyth, Wales.

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

James said that her husband, Alan, had gone to “check on the animals after supper, and there was Pero on our doorstep.”

“It was a bit of a shock,” she added, “and the dog was going crazy after seeing Alan.”

The trek took Pero an astonishing 240 miles. Now, James says she wants to figure out how exactly he did it.

She speculates that he must have eaten along the way because he wasn’t hungry when he arrived.

“It’s a total mystery as to how Pero has managed to find his way back to us. We know that dogs can find their way home, but 240 miles is a long way to travel.”

Now that’s loyalty.