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10 epic mental breakdowns of your favourite Hollywood actors, actresses and singers. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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The pressures of being a celebrity or sometimes too much for many stars to handle. From the demands from agents, executives and their fans, many celebrities go on a downward spiral that is played out right before our eyes. These epic celebrity meltdowns are a reminder that being a big star isn’t always what it seems.

It’s unclear what causes many of these celebrities to break down, but many times, drugs and alcohol play a huge factor in their bizarre behavior. Charlie Sheen is one actor who really lived the Hollywood lifestyle. His days and nights were full of drug binges, alcohol, sex and hard partying. His meltdown began while he was the star of the hit show, “Two and a Half Men.” Charlie got involved in a public battle with the show’s creator, and made anti-semitic remarks against him. He was later fired from the show, and his meltdown concluded when he admitted he was HIV-positive. Although Charlie doesn’t blame his diagnosis for his off-the-wall behavior, we can’t help but to believe his unfortunate health revelation is what pushed him over the edge.

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